I help you grow your business by developing software

I provide software development services focused on the delivery of improved business processes and experiences through the use of digital technology.

I aim to support the digital transformation of the society and the efforts on process optimisation, taking a unconventional business-oriented approach to software development. I cover all phases of product and service development, from conceptualisation through architecture to design and implementation.

What do I do?

My consulting services include multiple areas, such as:

  • Web and Mobile App development services
  • Agile development, Lean Startup, MVP development and Product Management
  • Information Security, Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance

Software development services

I do both Web and Mobile App development. These are the technology stacks I normally work with:

  • Java and Spring

  • Python, Django and Flask

  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and RESTful APIs

  • React.js and React Native

  • Kotlin and Java for Android development

  • Swift and Objective-C for iOS development

  • Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and MongoDB

  • Cloud Computing advice and implementation for AWS, GCP and Azure, TCO analysis and Cost Optimisation

  • DevOps and Automation tools like Ansible and Terraform

  • Applied Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Upon request we can also use other technologies that would support your business case

The What, The How and the Why of Software Development

An Agile-driven development coupled together with Lean Startup practices allows you to quickly evaluate the feasibility of new business lines and strategies.

With over 10 years leading software development teams with different Agile approaches, I can help you optimise your software development processes. The following activities work towards this goal:

  • Making Scrum and Kanban work for your organisation to really get its benefits

  • Development of Minimum Viable Products and Prototyping

  • PoC projects and feasibility studies

  • Design Thinking workshops and Product Roadmapping sessions

  • Lean Startup and Product Management for both established businesses and start-ups

Information Security, Data Privacy and GDPR compliance

Ensuring high standards of information security are followed, and keeping track of liabilities and risks associated to your IT assets are key to a successful business operation.

Holding a CISSP certification by ISC2 (International Information System Security Certification Consortium), a background in software development and being a privacy advocate, I can help you create strategies to keep under control the confidentiality, integrity and availability dimensions of information security, supported with the following activities:

  • Data privacy, security by default and security by design strategies

  • GDPR compliance checking and personal data protection

  • Development of secure software

  • Practical information security training for organisations, including protection against phishing and other types of attacks.

  • IT risk analysis

  • Security scanning and pentesting

A varied background and a proven track record

During my professional career I have been responsible for software delivery on multiple sectors such as finance and healthcare, for both high-growth start-ups as well as large organizations. My formal education in Computer Science and Engineering provided me with the theoretical basis for the understanding of software and computers and the practical skills needed to deliver good software.

I also hold a 10-year professional music degree in violin performance, which allows me to give a different point of view to leadership, individual contributions and teamwork as well as keeping motivation and self discipline while developing software. Likewise, I have lived and worked across multiple European countries, which brings a plus when it comes to adaptability and working within different environments.

If you think that my background can help your organization, feel free to schedule an initial meeting to outline the first steps.